Our Story

Our Founder - Richard Skinner

Hi I’m Richard, the founder of Wolf & Raven. Back in 2014, I was a fresh faced child looking, 30 year old. A friend and I decided to grow some beards to see how they would look. Little did I know, I would never look back at that soft, supple face without a beard again. The journey to the beard I have today was a long one, had ups and downs, shaving it all off due to an attempt at trimming it myself - never again will I shave it off - to growing a very large beard - not quite a yeard - to today, the well groomed beard at a very nice length, that suits my style and image.

Making my own beard products

Growing a beard can be quite challenging, the itchiness, the dishevelled look, the awkward moments can sometimes give you the urge to just shave it all off and leave it at that. During my 20s this is what I did, everytime it got hard.

During this process, I discovered beard oils. I tried many different oils over the years, some good, some not so good. One of my biggest gripes was the lack of quality products on the market and price. The more I loved my beard, the more I wanted to know what I was putting on it.

After many attempts and research into the best products to use on my beard, I found the perfect formula that worked for me and many of my beard brothers. Blending carrier oils with essential oils is an art form and has really helped me rediscover who I am as a man, giving me a passion to be proud of.

Welcome Wolf & Raven

Established in 2022, after a few years of making and using my own beard oils and my new found passion for beards I decided to create Wolf & Raven.

During lockdown and like many men, we struggled with our mental health and stuck living in the Netherlands at the time, with no family and limited friends around, I struggled massively. I discovered making beard oils is what helped keep me remotely sane. Making beard oils has been a blessing in disguise, giving me purpose and a desire to create a company that has a positive impact on the world.

The Wolf & Raven Beard Co. hopes to create awareness to male mental health issues, help men rediscover their inner masculinity and become the man they always knew they could be through their beards. We thrive in our mission to help men grow beards and with their grooming, so they can have confidence, style and have a great image for the world to see.

Like most bearded men will agree, a beard is a status symbol, it can make you look and feel like a strong, confident, competent and capable man. Ready to take on all what this difficult world throws at you. Wolf & Raven Beard co. are here to help you on this bearded journey.

Why Wolf & Raven

In norse mythology, Odin the god of war, had 2 spirit animals The Wolf and The Raven. Both had very specific characteristics to keep him company in the Pantheon of Viking Gods.

The Wolf

Known as Geri & Freki, the wolves a male and female, were tasked to roam the world of men in battles and guide the fallen warriors to the promised land - Valhalla. In Norse mythology, Odin provided these wolves with 4 values: Courage, Love, Wisdom and Loyalty and expected the wolves to teach man of these values.

The Raven

Huginn & Muninn, are the 2 ravens that accompanied Odin. Their names meaning “thought” and “memory”, kept Odin informed of all that happened on Earth. They would leave in the morning and return at night. When returned they would both reside either side of Odin on each shoulder.

  • Grow

    Keep growing and trust the process. Growing a beard is a long and enjoyable road. Our whole existence is to help you grow a strong and healthy beard

  • Style

    Express yourself with your beard. A beard can change a man’s style completely. It can also have a drastic impact on their fashion as well. Your style matters to us and supports you every step of the way

  • Confidence

    Research suggests that having facial hair increases male confidence levels. And society historically has found bearded men more trustworthy, mature and respected. We want all men to have the highest level of confidence

More about Richard

Lockdown made me realise how important mental health for men is. Growing up on a council estate in London, I saw how much of a huge problem this is. From alcohol abuse, domestic violence to gun and knife crime. Living in all this can take its toll on you, you may not see this in your adolescence but it sure does show its face as you get older and become less resilient  to life's struggles.

Our Pledge

Male mental health is incredibly important to us. Society ignores the fact men are suffering and killing themselves at an all time high. With 80% of suicides are committed by men, being the leading cause of death of men between 15-49. And yet each day thousands of men suffer from domestic violence, physical violence, mental abuse and yet we ridicule, embarrass and shame men. This needs to stop.

In a drive to help improve the mental wellbeing of men, we pledge 50p from every bottle of beard oil sold to male charities.