CPSR Reports - What are they?

CPSR Reports - What are they?

Also known as Cosmetic Product Safety Report

What is a CPSR report?

Also known as Cosmetic Product Safety Report. Under UK and EU regulations a cosmetic must be safe for human health.The Cosmetic Product Safety Report is part of the Product Information File (PIF).

A report consists of 2 parts. Part A: Cosmetic Product Safety Information and Part B: Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment.

In accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009, Part A of the CPSR is necessary to collect the data in justification of the product safety, before the product is brought to market.

Minimum Requirements for Part A

  • Quantitative/Qualitative Formula
  • Physicochemical characteristics/stability
  • Impurities, traces, information of the packaging material
  • Normal/reasonable foreseeable use

Part B is the actual evaluation of cosmetic products and their safety.

Part B should contain:

  • Conclusion of the evaluation
  • Warning/instructions for use on the label
  • Reasoning
  • Assessor’s credentials and approval of part B

Why do we need them?

A CPSR are both EU and UK cosmetic regulations. Meaning you cannot sell a product without one in either the UK or EU regions. The report is an essential part of ensuring the cosmetic products are safe for human use.

Why should you care about them?

Buying products that have a CPSR gives you peace of mind that the supplier/brand you are buying from has your safety first and is creating top quality products for you and your beard.

How long does a CPSR last for?

A CPSR report remains valid unless the government changes regulations or the company changes the formula or details of the product.

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